Pixie's Exotic Hedgies

Breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs


PreApproval is required for each individual hedgehog, so be sure that you have contacted us to make sure the hedgie you want is still available.  

You understand that you are placing a non-refundable deposit :  

1) to be placed on our current waiting list (note preferences), or

2) to be applied towards a hedgie posted on our FOR SALE page, or

3) for an upcoming expected litter (note preferences).  

Your deposit will be applied to the final purhcase price of the individual hedgehog you choose. Final prices for each hedgehog will be set when the babies reach 4 - 5 weeks of age.  Price will be based on pedigree, sex, color, markings, temperment, etc.

Final balance due will be paid in CASH at time of pickup.  Absolutely NO personal checks will be accepted.