Pixie's Exotic Hedgies

Breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Purchase Policy

All hedgehogs are sold as 'PET QUALITY' unless sold to an approved and/or mentored breeder. 
PEH will not sell a male and female hedgehog to the same person, to people living in the same residence, or to any group of people that we feel could 'accidentally' let them spend time together. It only takes a few minutes for a female to become pregnant when 'accidentally' placed with a male.

The prices listed are only guidelines.  Thus, all prices are subject to change without notification. Hedgehog prices are set for each individual baby and will reflect the current demand for hedgehogs (at the time of purchase).  Therefore, prices may vary from what they were when you first applied to be on the waiting list, or placed your deposit on an upcoming litter.  We will do our best to keep the price list up to date and current, but fluctuations in demand means hedgehog prices are always changing.  For the most part, the average price range is between $250-$350.

DEPOSIT REQUIRED!  When the babies are about 4 weeks old, I will post purchase prices with each babies picture, along with a detailed description of that particular hedgehog.  I require a $50 deposit at the time you choose YOUR hedgehog or if you decide to prepay a deposit to be placed on our HOLDING list for first priority on upcoming litters.  You will have 7 days to send the deposit via PayPal, certified bank check, or money order via Priority Mail (with Delivery Confirmation).  I do NOT accept personal checks!  Once you pay your deposit, it is NON-REFUNDABLE.  Holding the hedgehog you have chosen, means that I take it off the market and it is no longer for sale.  If you decide (for whatever reason), that you no longer want the hedgie.....you will forfiet your paid deposit.  The reason for this, is b/c your deposit removed the hedgie from the 'for sale' list and I will have to be put back on the 'for sale' list.  It means that I could possibly have already lost a FOREVER HOME for that hedgie, b/c you said you wanted it, and I was holding it for you.  So remember, when you choose your hedgehog.....be sure you are committed to complete the purchase.

Individual hedgehogs are priced at about 4 weeks of age, according to characteristics which include: color, sex, temperament, breeding quality, and current demand.  Once a hedgehog has been priced and a non-refundable deposit has been made, the price of the hedgehog will not change.

Due to an extremely high demand for hedgehogs, our waiting list could be quite long.  Because the wait time is based upon factors that are beyond our control, we cannot give an exact wait time.  PEH is a small breeder trying to produce quality hedgehogs for loveable personalities.  We carefully select our breeding herd for the best temperaments possible.  We handle our babies as early as the mother will allow, in order to help insure the babies will be hand-tamed at weaning time.  We do our best to make sure you have a healthy loveable hedgehog when it goes to it's new 'forever home'.

BREEDER INQUIRIES:  If you would like to purchase a hedgehog listed as breeding quality, please email me for PRIVATE TREATY pricing. 

PET quality means there is not enough GOOD background lineage on that hedgehog, for me to consider it breeding quality. These are still HEALTHY hedgehogs! They are just not recommended for breeding purposes.

BREEDING quality means that any known WHS gene is located at least four generation back on the parents, and therefore the 5th generation babies are considered good breeding quality.
SALMONELLA: has been in the news recently.  PEH is not, cannot, and will not be held responsible or liable for an cases of salmonella.  This is an issue that can be problematic with any caged pet, whom lives in its own poop and pee.  It is up to the owners to keep their hedgehogs cage clean and wash their hands after handling their hedgehog to help prevent infections.  ALWAYS practice safety and cleanliness when handling all pets!

Refund policies

REFUND POLICY: We do NOT offer refunds on our hedgehogs.  We do everything possible to make sure our babies are hand tamed before they leave PEH.  If we do not feel like they are ready to leave and suitable for the family they are going to live with, we will not let them leave PEH.  If you are uncertain about purchasing a hedgehog, please do not buy one.  Be sure you do plenty of research and are fully aware of what you are buying.  These are EXOTIC pets!  They are very sensitive and require special care, compared to a gerbil or a hamster.  They can NOT be left alone in their cage for several days (neglected); without expecting them become grumpy and unhappy.  Hedgehogs develop a close bond with their owners, just like a cat or a dog would.  Would you leave your cat or dog in a kennel for several days without any contact or attention?  I hope not.  So, if you can't give your hedgehog the proper care it needs, please don't bother purchasing one.  A guinea pig would most likely be more suitable for you, since they are happy being left alone and don't tend to form strong bonds with their owners.  Does this sound harsh?  Yes, but I don't want my hedgehogs to end up being bounced around from home to home and sold on craigslist.  

Hedgehogs often do NOT do well in environments where cigarette smoke is common.  If you are a smoker or there is someone who smokes near the hedgehog on a frequent basis, we will not exchange the hedgehog, since it is likely that the same thing will happen with another hedgehog.  Instead, we will offer a refund of the hedgehog (if it is healthy) at the pro-rated amount listed above, upon its return to PEH.

If you can no longer keep your hedgehog, then we will gladly accept the hedgehog back and take it off your hands.  Should an owner not be able to keep their hedgehog, we ask that owners contact us FIRST if they need help finding new homes for their hedgehogs.  We will do our best to see a good outcome, for the situation.  If you need to re-home a hedgehog that was not originally purchased from us, please attempt to return it to the original breeder or owner.  If you are unable to do so, please let us know and we will do our best to help assist you in finding a loving home for your hedgehog.


Pixie's Exotic Hedgehogs (hereafter referred to as PEH) guarantees, to the best of our knowledge, that all hedgehogs are healthy and have no apparent diseases at the time of purchase. We guarantee that all hedgehogs are healthy for up to 30 days from the date of pick-up, delivery, or shipment against all pre-existing health problems that were present before the hedgehog left our facility. This guarantee does not apply to any hedgehogs that are not bred from our breeding herd.

We recommend that all owners take their new hedgehog to a licensed veterinarian who regularly treats hedgehogs, for a full health evaluation within 7 days of purchase.  Should your hedgehog develop an illness or other health problem within the first 30 days of purchase, PEH will replace the hedgehog with another hedgehog (that is available now or in the near future), or we will refund the full purchase price of the hedgehog.
The unhealthy hedgehog must have been seen by a licensed veterinarian who regularly treats hedgehogs.  This means you may have to go to an Exotic Animal Vet, rather than your own family pet Vet.  The hedgehog must be returned to PEH within one week of the diagnosed illness, or this health guarantee is null and void.  A written report from the veterinarian, must accompany any returned hedgehog. The written report must contain the nature of the illness/disease/or other health problem, and state that it is was pre-existing at the time of purchase. Our health guarantee is NOT transferable from owner to owner, it only applies to the original owner that we sold the hedgehog to.
In addition, PEH gives a lifetime guarantee for all hedgehogs bred from our breeding herd, against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (aka: WHS).  WHS is a genetic disorder which could arise later in life, even though it was not detectable at the time of purchase. We strive to prevent WHS and other genetic diseases in our hedgehogs, by breeding responsibly.  However, the occasional defect may occur despite our best efforts. 
To receive a refund or exchange for a hedgehog that dies of WHS, a necropsy must be performed by a licensed veterinarian, at the expense of the buyer.  If the test results confirm that the cause of death was Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome, the buyer may choose a replacement hedgehog from an available litter or a refund in the amount of their full purchase price. 
This lifetime WHS warranty does not apply to any hedgehogs that were not bred and born at PEH.  Look for any special notation in the sales ad that would indicate the warranty does not apply. This policy is transferable from owner to owner, as long as the new owner contacts PEH within 1 week of purchase/transfer from the original owner we sold the hedgehog to. We will contact the original owner for verification of the sale/transfer. Should we determine at any time that the hedgehog is not an original hedgehog that we sold, this health guarantee will be null and void.

Deposit Policy

A non-refundable deposit is required at the time you decide to be placed on our waiting list.  You will be able "pick out" your hedgehog from any available litter, based on first come first serve basis. Until your non-refundable deposit is received by PEH, hedgehogs will remain "for sale" and thus may not be available at a later date. The pick-up date must be within 2 weeks of the hedgehog being weaned.  If the hedgehog needs to remain on PEH premises (for any reason) past 2 weeks from weaning, you will need to make arrangements for PEH to care for the hoglet until you are able to pick it up (additional fee charged for this babysitting service).  Otherwise, your deposit will be retained (not refunded) and the hedgehog will be put back up for sale to the public.

Deposits may be paid online through PayPal, or by money orders mailed via Priority Mail (with delivery confirmation).  The remainder of the balance must be paid on or before the date of pick-up by cash, money order, or PayPal...(absolutely NO personal checks will be accepted).

All deposits are non-refundable.   If you back out of the purchase, we will hold your deposit (for up to year) to allow you the time to make other arrangements that might work for you.  If we are unable to offer you a hedgehog within one years time, then we will refund your deposit.